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Building Trust Through Capabilities

Over 3,600 capability briefings were used from Minority Tech Companies to develop the above word cloud.

Industry Encouraged Partnerships for Growth

Building regional, national and international teams together to provide a total solution to better meet the needs for larger opportunities

By using a Contractor Team Arrangement (CTA), government buyers can:

  • Get a total solution by contractors who team together to complement each other
  • Satisfy socioeconomic procurement goals.

By forming a CTA, GSA Schedule contractors can:

  • Compete for Schedule orders for which they wouldn't otherwise qualify
  • Increase their market share and become more competitive
  • Reduce risk by sharing responsibilities with other team members
  • Focus on the supplies and services that best match their company's resources and strengths
  • Find greater success as a small and/or disadvantaged business
GovernedContractor Team Arrangements

Past Performance

Business owners understand the need for operational risk mitigation, particularly as it relates to partnerships.  CEBOT intermediates the possibility of industry adhesion in an effort to expand the market share of the minority tech industry. The AllianceCTA brings new procurement engagements and innovation to the market.

Industry Support

Both knowledge and capital are key resources to build resiliency in our communities.  CEBOT represents employer excellence and community commitment.  The coordination of capabilities of the minority technology industry will bring new capabilities and economic impact to communities, across the nation.



Step one

Participate in One-on-One Discovery Session to evaluate core capabilities, key strengths and constraints.


Step two

Evaluate and Execute on appropriate membership and complete AllianceCTA Intake.


Step three

Complete AllianceCTA Smart-Contract for entity inclusion in selected team.


Council Exchange Board of Trade

CEBOT's research brings jobs and community resilience by enriching the minority tech industry and accelerating the innovation ecosystems

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CEBOT Purpose

Our members are connecting on deals and on community wide issues. We see this effort as one of the critical steps to improve our economy, bring prosperity to our members, and girding up and employing our nation’s disenfranchised workforce.

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CEBOT Membership

The over $100Billion Minority Technology Industry is rich with capability and creativity.  CEBOT's procurement innovation and longitudinal research balances the scales for an opportunity equilibrium.  This national network 65,000  owners and over 500,000 employees are natural ambassadors for change, and represent one of the best possibilities for future economic growth in our country

As a 501(c) (6) Trade Association, CEBOT brings research innovation and partnership collaboration to both the United States of America and countries around the globe. 

Opportunity Equalization
Harnessing the Minority Technology Industry

Opportunity Zone Fund
Capitalization &

SMART Communities
Business Seed Accelerators

Renew America’s Competitive Advantage for Sustained
Economic Growth and Job Creation

Public/Private Partnerships

Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) recognizes the lack of investment capital to build new housing stock or planed economic centers that drive growth and stimulate the local economy.  The Minority Technology Industry's combined strength creates breakthrough procurement opportunities that require state and local planning, workforce investment, and economic development support.

CEBOT Research

Technology Based Economic Development

The minority technology industry, coupled with CEBOT's member supported research and innovation, has a unique opportunity to integrate a framework of governance at scale.

The Council Exchange Board of Trade, Looking Forward Research & Development Directorate is developing an opportunity fund complex industry based alternative investment. The Community Outcome Fund is focused on Qualified Opportunity Zone Stock investments that allow for funded product and service innovation.  

Community Seed Accelerator

The investment strategy for shared services that abide by quality management standards must have assurance that the operators have developed a governing system that includes both behavior and exchange behaviors.

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CEBOT as Intermediator

Incentives Management

CEBOT's AllianceCTA Initiative

Industry Cooperation with Contract Team Arrangements

Capture new business through member driven due diligence and partnership formation.  Cohesion is governed by CEBOT's research on best practice procurement workflows and work-streams.

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Enterprise Managed Services Community  Investment Strategy

The Information Communications and Technology industry sector is in great need of skilled labor.  Training/Learning content, infrastructure and delivery systems are areas of investment that returns a lifetime of benefit to all parties concerned.  Particularly when relevance and employment are aligned.  Click above to view CEBOT Economic Equalization program site.



Federal Procurement Equity

$26 Billion Additional Procurement Dollars

Industry/University Research Can Sustain Multiple Service Awards and Support & Management Capabilities To Connect Minority Communities to Digital Opportunities

CEBOT Federal Advocacy &
Member Procurement Innovation

Discover how the Minority Tech Industry supports the U.S. Federal government's Equity effort to increase small business federal procurement from 11% to 15% by 2025?

CEBOT responded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Executive Office of the President

The current Executive Order on Equity created an opportunity for federal agencies to focus on potential barriers that underserved communities and individuals may face in taking advantage of agency procurement and contracting opportunities.  Subsequently OMB issued a Request for Information on this Executive Order.  Below is CEBOT's written response now found on the

$1.2 Trillion Averted from Minority Communities

Federal Response - 5 months after CEBOT's OMB RFI response 


Advancing Equity in Federal Procurement

Decision to bring together CEBOT's largest Minority Tech Companies

Karl CuretonCEBOT Founder & CEO

10-05-2021 - Past Event

Building a Nation of Producers

America's economy converges and grows when industry, government and community partners work together and agree to joint profitable and sustainable economic outcomes.

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May 7, 2020

May 21, 2020

Urban Rural Network Past Event

June 23, 2021

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) from across the United States are currently collaborating to develop and build out a pilot Broadband and 5G Digital Opportunity Collaborative Network in both Urban and Rural anchor communities.

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65,000 Minority Technology Companies

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) brings a rich history of advocacy and procurement policy guidance within the federal policy ecosystem.  The $100 Billion Minority Technology Industry is a source of jobs to over 500,000 professionals both in the United States and abroad.  CEBOT  brings applied research & development to growth algorithms that catalyze regional innovation ecosystems, stimulating economic development and uplifting minority business and community.  CEBOT leadership and Senior Fellows bring new capabilities, investment and research capacity to the minority technology industry and to the stakeholders they serve.




Engagement requires value and produces consensus when process is key.  Governance gives rise to planned growth both individually and throughout the ecosystem.

Growth rises when not stifled by moral hazard.   CEBOT algorithms facilitate a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

Innovation liberates possibilities, improves systems and can transform bureaucracies into managed serviced/resource based functions.   

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Council Exchange Board of Trade
Rights, Privileges and Member Protection

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service (TOS)

Refund Policy

Member benefits and the rights of the 501c6 that represents them are an important step to combining our joint will to serve and protect our interests..

Protecting your private information is our priority.

Our intent is to create exceptional value exchange between our members and the Council

The Council Exchange Board of Trade is organized as a 501(c)6 Trade Association.  

DC Office: 1629 K St. NW, Suite 300, Washington D.C. 20006

Call 8:00am to 5:00pm(EST) Monday - Friday at 202-600-7828

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